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Hello & welcome to Singing in London

I would like to invite you to a special club which was created for people who are passionate about singing. Our repertoire is based on Musical Theatre of all eras and styles. We love songs you can ‘get a kick from’… quote: ‘I get a kick from Champagne’…. ‘Anything Goes’ by Cole Porter, first show on Broadway 1934.

Indeed, singing has an uplifting power and brings great joy to the soul, but a good vocal workout is essential to help release the voice and to sing naturally without straining the raw voice.  Whether you’re singing from scratch or would like to develop your vocal skills, the workout will start you on your singing journey.

At Singing in London we place great importance on the vocal workout. This opens the singing session and makes you stretch your voice, sometimes to the very limit of your vocal range, but after that, the voice flows smoothly and you’re ready to sing your heart out. 

We also love to harmonize. Singing in harmony could easily be achieved when you follow a musical pattern (which is taught at the session.) Learning to harmonize is especially beneficial for developing your musical ear and the outcome is music to your ears. Just imagine yourself singing among a group of friendly people when all the voices come together. Heaven... bliss.

Join us and share this passion together.


How to join?

Be our guest and join us for An Open Evening.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Musical Director & Founder

p.s. The club members meet every week all year round on Monday evenings, 8-10pm in Highgate, London, apart from major holidays.



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Gill's Testimony

Gill "I've been a member of Signing in London for three years. It caught my eye as I love to sing show tunes. Over the years I've had lots of fun, improved my confidence to perform solo and made some really great friends that love to sing too

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