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Singing in Islington

Taster sessions at the Islington Club are closed until next term. Please book a taster at the Highgate Club.

The Islington Club has recently opened and is rapidly growing, based in the beautiful surroundings of the Old Finsbury Town Hall. The members enjoy they weekly practice of vocal techniques and learning performing skills. As members progress and become more skilled and confident, they enjoy singing solos. 'Once they start to sing solo, you can't get them to stop,' says Idit. ...and it's amazing to see peoples' confidence grow, members are often shy to begin with, but it's very rewarding when they start demanding solos!'.

As in Highgate Club we do not audition and you don't have to read music. With Idit's guidance and her pianist to accompany you, you can catch up with new songs and harmonies. Finally it all comes together in a beautiful mass of voices, which highlights your day and leaves you feeling inspired to sing more and more....

Vocal Coaching Workshop for beginners and intermediates with Idit Gold

Beginners Course starting September 2012 -Dates to be announced soon

Read Idit’ s blog about why you should train your singing voice

When I am coaching I often hear common complaints: ‘When I sing, I run out of breath very quickly... I  can’t hold my breath when I sing high notes... I get a sore throat when I sing loudly and so on…
Absolutely correct! These issues are a source of frustration for many people but the answers for that is simple, train your voice and learn how to project your voice correctly. The fact is that the singing voice is entirely different from the speaking one. When singing, we need to support our vocal cords in order to project the voice fully, where in contrast we only top up our breath when we speak.
How is it done?
Supporting our singing voice is done by activating the diaphragm and breathing into our lungs to store the air that helps the voice to flow.

This is the first step you take in breathing technique in order to project your singing voice. Learn more about it at the Beginners Workshops.

Do you have any issues with your voice? I’ll be happy to discuss it with you. Contact me at idit@singinginlondon.com

Who is the workshop suitable for?
The Beginners Workshop is designed for people who are interested in training their voices from total scratch to a higher level of projection and is open to all whether you feel you can sing or not. The workshop will show you how to transform your speaking voice into a singing one by learning and practicing breathing and vocal technique


The Intermediates Workshop is designed for people with some singing experience who are interested in developing their performing skills and also to explore new singing styles like Jazz, Classical or Musical theatre. This workshop is suitable for those who wish to join a choir or to attend auditions and is highly recommended as a follow up to the Beginners one.

This is a fantastic opportunity for people who wish to learn how to sing from step one to a higher level of projection or to advance their singing skills to a performing level.

What will you achieve?
These short but intensive workshops, will teach you the singing essentials successfully through practicing breathing control, vocal techniques and performing skills to gain better pitching and projection with confidence and guts. You’ll be coached individually and practice together within a small group of participants. At the final session of the workshop you’ll perform your solo to demonstrate your vocal achievement.

Cost:  Singing in London Members £135    Non members £145

To book the workshop

To get the best individual attention classes are limited to a small number of participants so please book your place now before the class gets booked up.

To book email us : office@singinginlondon.com or Call 07904 884485


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