Make someone sing and you’ll inspire for life

I recently bumped into Michelle, a member of my former choir at FRS.  When she couldn’t recognized me I said to her ‘ I made you sing’. ‘

Oh, Yes’, she replied, ‘Not only you made me sing but you inspired me to go on and take singing lessons, followed by a singing course and final exams too which I passed successfully. I’m now singing with a local choir.  Thank you so much for doing that.

I was amazed! What a wonderful two ways of inspiration: to give and to receive.

If you’re passionate about singing follow your passion and join a group or a choir where you can express your singing voice and learn to enjoy your natural gift- your voice.

The FRS Choir where Michelle was inspired to take up her singing journey.










Are you inspired? Try a free session at the Highgate Club and follow your dream.♥

Has anybody ever inspired you to sing? Tell me about your inspiration. 

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