Tip no. 6: The truth about singing: How to gain the confidence to sing and how to lose it?

Singing can be terrifying for some, but at the same time it could be exhilarating.  People say it feels good to sing, “I am inspired by it and would like to do it again”. So what stops us expressing our singing voice?

Yes, it is the confidence to sing that we might lack.  Unless you have your voice trained professionally, you need to rely on your natural singing voice and the confidence to express it.

How do you gain confidence and how do you lose it?

We all start to sing somewhere back in our childhood, at home, at the nursery or at school. Every young child needs to have the encouragement to develop his or her talent in order to flourish.

Those who are given the opportunity to shine when they are young, when they sing in front of family members or participating at a school show are already tasting the magic of singing & performing and need only to be nurtured further in order develop their confidence.  On the other hand those who are given the same opportunity at an early age but are told to keep their mouth shut for reasons like: you sing off tune, your voice is too loud, and so on, are losing their confidence before they even start developing their talent.

Confidence is a state of mind, which helps us to project our singing voice smoothly. Without it our voice can be rigid and therefore unable to flow naturally.

Adults often find themselves either possessing the confidence to express their singing voice or have no confidence at all as a result of being told in the past they can’t sing.

So you may ask yourself…

How can I gain the confidence to sing?

Do remember that singing skills could be learned and mastered by everyone. Learning vocal techniques can definitely help to gain confidence.   It might be easily achieved by some or is harder for others.  However, the lack of confidence can be compensated by the knowledge and the practise of the vocal chords and can be developed to a point that the voice will flow easily and in an enjoyable way.

What do I need to do?

First, find yourself an inspiration: a singer or music that makes you feel good and you would like to have more of it.

Secondly, find yourself a space where you can totally be by yourself and step into this space, then start singing and listen to the voice that emerge from your vocal chords. Make sure you banish the phrase ‘I CAN’T SING’, and let your voice flow with the music or the singer who inspires you.

Repeat these exercise as long as you are inspired to gain your confidence. Believe in the voice that is within you and never give up.

I shall keep you updated with more tips soon. In the meantime, check our website for the latest free taster evenings.

Good luck!



Idit Gold
Musical Director & Founder
Singing in London
p.s. I hope you found this useful, please pass on and I welcome your comments or email me at idit@singinginlondon.com

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