Tip no. 10: Singing in London Summer Concert – The Power of a Sing Along

Summer Concert

Kieran on piano with members at our Summer Concert 2014

The summer concert on Monday 14th July proved that singing is not just for sharing but that it brings out the best voices in an audience who came to listen.

The atmosphere at the concert was warm and friendly. The audience followed the singers by singing the chorus from ‘Green, Green Grass of Home’ undoubtedly, the most popular 60’s hit by Tom Jones. But the voices were soft and lacked the gusto that you would expect from a sing along.

It was up to Kieran, the musical director, to take the audience in his hands in a short rehearsal to get the notes & the tempo just right. The audience was finally engaged. The voices picked up immediately and the adrenalin was running high.  Like magic the singing became contagious with the entire crowd joining in a powerful sing along.

My tips

If you want your audience to join in with your singing try a short rehearsal to bring all those voices together. Sometimes we love to join in a sing along but might feel a little lost. Like stage performers who would rehearse countless times before they go on stage, we also need a little run through to find the courage to join with full volume and confidence.

Just try it.



Idit Gold
Musical Director & Founder
Singing in London
p.s. I hope you found this useful, please pass on and I welcome your comments or email me at idit@singinginlondon.com

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