Tip no. 4: The truth about singing. What is all the fuss about, “I can’t sing!”

Singing is a natural way of expressing your emotions using the voice you have within you.

The act of singing means we can use our voice to make various notes and rhythms and in different volumes. These ingredients make up what is called ‘a melody’.  It is a simple use of our voice and therefore anybody can sing!

The question is what sort of singing do we project? Is it pleasant to the ear? Is it sung in tune? And are we able to control our voice to the level of singing we ourselves would like to hear?

There is no straight forward answer to that. We all know that some gifted people are born with this talent. Those who are not gifted, can develop their skills to a professional level and do not necessarily have the special voice that the gifted ones possess.

We, as the audience are constantly influenced by the media. When listening to songs on the radio, TV at gigs and so on, we create the image and the sound that we would like to emulate when we sing. But, when the untrained voice emerges from the vocal chords it sounds in most cases rough, off tune and unpleasant to listen to. That’s when you may say “I Can’t Sing!”

The X Factor show brings people onto the stage who ‘can’t sing’ in a sense that their voices are untrained, because the show is all about entertaining an audience who find it amusing.

But when ‘a gifted’ contestant unleashes a powerful voice which moves your soul, that’s when you realise why this gifted person ‘Can Sing’!

Just remember, everyone can sing but not everyone is a gifted singer.


Idit Gold
Musical Director & Founder
Singing in London

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