Tip no. 5: The truth about singing: why can’t we sing properly?

Although singing is a natural way of using your voice, most people can’t sing properly for the simple reason that they don’t pronounce the words in the correct way. To sing means to project and to project means to use your voice clearly by pronouncing each vowel and consonant with the correct sound.

What is the correct sound? I hear you ask.

Let’s take the word ‘America’ and break it to four vowels & consonants: Ahhh, Mehh, Reee, Caaahhh. Now, try to pronounce each vowel & consonant by holding the sound of each one of them for at least four seconds like that:  Aaaaahhh, Mehehehe, Reeeeeeee, Caaaaahhhh.

How to do it? Let’s take it step by step.

  1. To pronounce the vowel Aaaahhh & Caaaaahhhh you need to open your mouth widely whilst creating a hollow space in your mouth and projecting your voice forward.
  2. To pronounce the vowel Mehehehe you need to lower your jaws and relax your tongue whilst creating a flat space in your mouth.
  3. To pronounce the consonant Reeeeeeee you need to roll your tongue whilst making a square shape in your mouth with a little space between your teeth.
  4. Repeat and practice until you master the correct sounds.

Now, let’s have fun singing the song ‘America’ from the musical West Side Story. You only need to sing the word A-ME-RREE-CAA when singing along. Visit YouTube and sing-a-long to the Glee America version.

Listen to the singers how they pronounce the word AMERICA when rolling their tongues to make the correct sound of the consonant RREE. If you managed to imitate that sound you’re now singing properly.

This is obviously just a sample of how to sing properly and there is a long road ahead to accomplish your mission. However, by practicing regularly you’ll move nearer to your goal very quickly.

I shall keep you updated with more tips soon. In the meantime, check our website for the latest free taster evenings.

Good luck!



Idit Gold
Musical Director & Founder
Singing in London
You can contact me at idit@singinginlondon.com

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