Tip no. 7: The truth about singing: What is an emotional voice? The ‘vibrato’.

When you hear a song sung in a trembling voice it might sound strange to your ear but in most cases it is projected that way in order to create a special effect. This effect is called vibrato which comes from the Italian word for vibrate.

You can force your voice to vibrate by pushing the air through your vocal chords and cause your voice to tremble or you can use vocal technique to make your voice vibrate in a regular frequency which sounds smooth. Either way, vibrato is a way to express your voice in a characteristic style in which to the audience sounds emotional.

Why do we make so much fuss about vibrato? Vibrato can refine the singing voice and helps it to be an expressive one. The vibrato is known to touch the human being by emulating an emotional feeling, like a trembling tone as we make when we cry.

How can I sing vibrato? You may ask…

First, take a short breath and release your voice gently. Keep holding the voice while releasing the breath behind it. Keep your voice solid and even. As you come to the end of your breath you’ll notice how your voice is starting to tremble, at that point soften your voice and let it fade naturally. If you heard the tremble of your voice even for only a second, you have just grasped the first stage of creating a vibrato.

To refine your vibrato you need to let your voice flow very gently and to push the breath behind it as if you were blowing gently on a candle.

Here are some tips:

  1. Take only a short breath and release just very little air to support the back of your voice, in other word, hold your breath back slightly to gain control on the amount you release forward.
  2. Whilst projecting your voice keep your mouth slightly closed as if you had a ball in your mouth to create the shape of the vowel O.  That will help to create a soft voice which is most suitable for the vibrato effect.
  3. Never take a deep breath or force your voice. The only way to create a vibrato is to let the voice flow gently and to relax your larynx. Then it should vibrate like a little bell.

Repeat this practice until your vibrato become smooth and gentle.

I shall keep you updated with more tips soon.

Good luck



Idit Gold
Musical Director & Founder
Singing in London
p.s. I hope you found this useful, please pass on and I welcome your comments or email me at idit@singinginlondon.com

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