Tip no. 8: The truth about singing: What inspired us to sing and how do we do it?

We are often evoked by feelings of pain, agony, and rage when we listen to certain styles of music.

On the other hand we are evoked by feelings of love, peace and harmony when we listen to different styles of music.

How does it happen?

The music around us expresses every type of feeling we want to hold on to. Take for instance the style of ‘Heavy Metal’ music: massive sounds, highly amplified distortion, and lyrics that often associated with masculine aggression. If you are inspired to sing Heavy Metal music you’ll notice how your voice is shaped by your emotions in order to create the rough and the bold voice to fit this style.

How can I shape up my voice to create this sound? You would ask

Although the voice is driven by emotions, it’s the vocal technique that helps to create the sound.

Here are some tips:

  1. The ‘rough’ voice is produced by forcing the vocal chords and pushing the voice out with very little air behind it.  Although it’s the ‘wrong way’ of singing according to classical vocal technique, it helps to create the effect you want to perform.
  2. Put the beat at the back of your voice.  Since Heavy Metal music is based on a strong beat, use your voice to imitate the sound of an instrument like the electric guitar by pushing your voice to extreme tones as you were plying the high notes on the guitar.

If you choose to imitate the drums, make a ‘coughing’ like sound at the back of your throat to create the drum beat effect.  For example: Doom…Doom…Chaaakaa…Chaaakaa..

  1. Use your speaking voice to emphasise the lyrics with stress on (what is known as) the dynamics.

That means you need to change the volume of your voice between soft and loud according to the mood of the lyrics. You can also build up (what is known as) crescendo: a gradual acceleration of the volume from a soft to an extreme loud tone.

  1. Screaming the music: project your singing voice as wild as you’d like to where the song lends itself. For example the song ‘Child in Time’ by Deep Purple has a prolong build-up climax from a soft singing to a screaming tone ending on the simple vowel of ahhhh.  This is a very powerful effect.
  2. When you master these techniques you can add emotions to your voice by using vibrato (see blog 7) to add a touch of trembling to your voice.  At this point you can express your voice with a powerful passion and zest.

Look up Heavy Metal idols Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath

Look up Ronnie James Dio and Ian Gillan Smoke on the Water on YouTube.

I shall keep you updated with more tips soon.

Good luck



Idit Gold
Musical Director & Founder
Singing in London
p.s. I hope you found this useful, please pass on and I welcome your comments or email me at idit@singinginlondon.com

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