Tip no 9: The truth about singing: What makes Tina Turner a great singer?

Tina Turner’s voice is about transforming raw emotions into the singing voice.  Like every iconic singer Tina is well familiar with vocal techniques and no doubt she uses them in full.

However, the tone of her voice is projected in a way that captivates our hearts and souls. No wonder we call her The Queen of Soul. Why is that? Because she creates an effect in her voice that touches our emotions and empowers our inner feelings.

How does she create it?

Tina uses different elements:

  • The singing voice
  • The speaking voice
  • The improvising skills
  • The power of expression
  • The body language and chorography.

When Tina looks at a song, her first impression would be of the lyrics and the music.  That would tell her the story behind the song, the mood it was written in and the emotional expression she would need to perform it.  The type of expressions would be such as excitement, drama or extreme moods.

She also needs to look at what sort of message she would like to transfer to her audience, Testimonial, like in the song ‘We don’t need another Hero’, Agony, like in the song ‘I don’t want to fight no more’ or Excitement, like in the song ‘Proud Mary’- a song of exhilaration building up to a glorious climax.

The body language she uses on stage, although looks natural and instinctive, is well choreographed and staged in accordance with the spirit of the song; once again the song ‘Proud Mary’ is an example of great body language and choreography.

When all these aspects come together is when Tina is ready to put her heart and soul into the song. Using the different elements of her voice into the mix is where the magic starts to appear.

Obviously, you can’t forget the truth about her singing – there is only one Tina Turner and she is unique.

You can only imitate her voice but you can’t replicate her personality.

I shall keep you updated with more tips soon.

Good luck



Idit Gold
Musical Director & Founder
Singing in London
p.s. I hope you found this useful, please pass on and I welcome your comments or email me at idit@singinginlondon.com


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